Yale Law LSAT Score

If you are a law school aspirant and want to study in a top law school then getting a good LSAT score is your ticket to your dream college. A good LSAT score is a very important component of your college application.

LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test. The average LSAT score ranges from 120 to 180. The national average median LSAT derived from a data from 192 law schools in the United States of America is 156.

At present, there are six law schools in the United States of America, which have a median LSAT score range of 170 and above. These law schools are: Yale, Stanford, Harvard, Chicago, Columbia and New York. Yale University and Harvard University are two colleges with the top median LSAT score. The full time students who entered the university last year all stood at an LSAT score of 173. This takes us to the main question.

Class Profile for the Year 2021

Total number of Applicants3,546
25% Percentile3.84170
75% Percentile3.98176

Ideal LSAT score for Yale Law School

The U.S News ranked Yale Law School at the first spot in the whole of America. The median LSAT score for full time students who took admission in the Yale Law School in 2018 was 173. Going by this average, an LSAT score of 173 is a good score for aspirants of Yale Law School.

However, it does not guarantee your admission to the school. In fact, even a 175 or a 180 LSAT score may not guarantee you an admission at the Yale Law School. While LSAT scores are undoubtedly an integral part of your college application, there are several other factors that contribute to making your college application stand apart.

Having a good GPA is as important as a good LSAT score. Other factors that may throw you off the top contenders list is having no or irrelevant work experience and mediocre letters of recommendation. These factors are very important. Even if you have a good LSAT score but lack in these areas, then getting into your favorite law college can be difficult or even impossible.

Other Important Factors

Yale Law School has stated time and again that it does not go by a cut-off score while selecting students from applicants. Here is statement issued by the prestigious institution,

“We do not use a formula or index to weigh various factors in an application, nor do we have a GPA or LSAT score cutoff.”

Yale Law School believes in examining each application holistically. Back in 2017, the lowest LSAT score was 158. This proves that having a great GPA score, good resume, impressive letters of recommendation,  and personal essays are all equally important, if not more instrumental in deciding the fate of your application.

However, having said this, the median GPA for the Yale Law School in the last year was 3.92 with the median LSAT score at 173. To be a top contender, it is advisable to have an LSAT score of more than 175 along with a GPA of 3.92 and above. You need to be at the top of your game and be able to stand out in the crowd to be eligible for Yale.

Yale Law School Employment Rate

Considering the amount of money you will spend on getting yourself a degree, the most obvious thought in your mind would be the employment rate of the school. Last year, the employment rate of the school was 92% with 4% pursuing an additional degree.

Final Words

The Yale Law School is a dream for most law students. Yale has been consistently ranked as the number one law school in the United States of America. Yale Law School attracts thousands of applications from many prospective aspiring law school students every year which makes their admissions highly competitive and difficult. Having a good LSAT score along with the other things can be the only thing to guarantee your admission to the school.

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