What to Bring and What Not to Bring on LSAT Test Venue

The LSAT test is around the corner and you must have everything within your reach which you need at the testing center. It is advised that you need to re-organize all the essential items a day or two before the exam. Here is the list of things which are appropriate and essential to bring at the exam venue. If some of the items you intend to bring is under the list of inappropriate items, then you better exclude those items and avoid bringing at the testing center.

Essential Items to bring on LSAT Day

  • LSAT Admit Card or (Admission Ticket): You must bring your LSAT Admit card or the LSAT Admission Ticket or whatever term you refer because without producing this card to the exam authorities you are not allowed to appear for the LSAT exam. You must make sure that you download and print it the night before the exam or two days in advance. The more recent you download and print, the recent test center details you will get. Sometimes, it is seen that the information of the test center is changed in the last moment and the students who have printed their admit card long ago faces difficulties the information of their admit card regarding test center does not match with the latest information. Moreover, you also must check the picture of the candidates matches with the norms of LSAT admit card.
  • Proof of identification: It is mandatory to carry your valid identity proof along with your photograph and signature attached with the proof of identification document. The name of your identity card must match with the name inscribed on the admit card. The list of accepted proof of identification includes passport, driver’s license, and/or government issued ID card. US military personnel may present their US military ID card with name, photo, and signature. The identification documents which are not acceptable at the LSAT testing center includes Social Security card, Social Insurance card, birth certificate, credit card, health cards, expired IDs, photocopied IDs, employee IDs, or student IDs.
  • Stationary items: It is important to carry all the required stationery items like pencils, pens, eraser, sharpener, and ruler.
  • Analog wrist watch: If you want to manage your time while you write for the LSAT test, then you are allowed to bring a simple analog wristwatch with you.
  • A well-zipped pouch: You can bring a good pouch with zipping at the exam venue. It will contain wallet, wristwatch, keys, IDs, stationary items, healthy snack and a bottle of water or juice.

Items inappropriate to bring on LSAT day

  • Electronic items: Any kind of electronic items in forms of smartwatches, stopwatches or pocket watches, mechanical pencils, earplugs, or any musical instruments or any kind of gadgets are prohibited to bring at the testing center.
  • Hats or Hoods: You are also not allowed to bring and wear any kind of headgear like the hats and hoods. But if your head is covered with a cloth for some religious and cultural purposes, then it might be allowed.

So, here are the list of the items discussed which can be taken, and which cannot be taken.  Refer this list of the LSAT test approved things before you pack your bag.

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