What is the Highest Score on LSAT Ever?

The LSAT stands for the Law School Admission Test conducted at designated testing centers around the world for aspiring students who wish to get admission in top law schools. The test administered by the LSAC (Law School Admission Council) is accepted in top law colleges in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, and many more. The examination has parts like logical, verbal reasoning, and reading comprehension to assess the proficiency of the interested candidates.

Highest Lsat Score
Highest Lsat Score

The standardized test has a half-day duration administered four times a year. The LSAT has two different types of scores;

  • Raw Score: The raw score reflects the number of questions the candidates have answered correctly. As the total number of questions for the LSAT examination ranges from 100 to 102, the maximum raw score is 102. Each question carried one mark each. From the total five multiple choice questions, only four is taken for valuation (as the fifth is experimental) and the essay section has no score. Out of the total 86 LSAT examination result declared publically, four of 99 questions, 18 of 100 questions, 62 of 101 questions and 2 of 102 questions. Therefore, the maximum LSAT raw score a student can achieve is 102.
  • Scaled Score: The scaled score obtained by converting the raw score is helpful in comparing the scores to the other candidates and determine how well a person has performed. The scaled score aids in determining the percentile rank of a candidate and ranges from 120-180. The highest score attainable on the LSAT is 180, so a person receiving it has a percentile rank of 99.97. It is due to the fact that getting the highest score is very rare. The data published by the LSAC (from 2006 to 2009) suggests that only 0.1% of the total students (approximately 144,000 per year) have received a perfect score of 180. Therefore, only one in three thousand applicants can get the high score.

Advantages Of Receiving The High Score

Though many law schools decide on the admission process based on the entire application of the candidate, it relies heavily on the LSAT score. So, an aspirant with the top score like 180 can choose the top-tier law school and get admission easily. The high LSAT score also helps in getting the merit-based financial aid for students to complete their studies without spending too much from their pockets. Therefore, the LSAT score aids in strengthening the law application of the candidates.

You Can also Become Topper in LSAT

The top scorers of the LSAT examination have some things in common namely;

  • The students have a good study plan and follow it religiously to optimize their exam preparations.
  • The high scorers have the better understanding about the LSAT questions as they identify the correct and wrong answers with ease.
  • They have experience in solving the full-length LSAT examinations by taking the mock examination.
  • Many have taken the LSAT prep course to effectively understand the pattern of questions.

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The LSAT examination is consistent as well as predictable, so a candidate with good motivation and study plan can achieve the top score. As no magic formula is available to get the top score, every person who wishes to get the perfect score must put their best foot forward to attain their goal.

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