University of Miami Law School LSAT Score

University of Miami Law School is popularly referred to as Miami Law. The school was founded in 1926 in Coral Gables, Florida. Miami Law School is a private school with an experienced faculty of leading professors. The school was ranked 60th by the U.S news. Miami Law is one of the top choices for all law aspirants out there. The Miami School is also approved by the American Bar Association.

University of Miami Law School LSAT Score

Class Profile from year 2018

Total Number of ApplicantsBetween 2300 to 2600 approximately
 FemaleMaleAge Group
Class Composition50%50%19 to 49 years
25% Percentile3.17155
75% Percentile3.65161

The school received more than 2300 applications in the last year. These applicants were from over 32 states and 50% of them represented a diverse group or community.

Ideal LSAT score for University of Miami Law School 

The LSAT score required to get into Miami Law School is relatively low as compared to other Ivy League law schools. If we study last year’s statistics, the average 75th percentile LSAT score in 2018 was 161 and the average 25th percentile LSAT score in 2018 was 155. The average median stood at 158.

Like all ABA approved schools, Miami Law School takes into consideration all your LSAT scores but your highest LSAT score is given the most importance. So if you are not satisfied with your LSAT score, you should consider taking it one more time.

Ideal GPA score for the University of Miami Law School 

GPA is a very crucial factor during the admission process. The average GPA score for the 25th percentile was 3.17 last year, and the average GPA score for the 75th percentile was 3.65. The average median GPA score for the school was recorded at 3.43. As an aspirant, having an LSAT of more than 161 and a GPA of more than 3.65 can highly increase your chances of getting into the school.

Other Important Factors

There are several other important documents that are required in the application process for the school. You need two letters of recommendation along with your application. Although not mandatory, but a personal statement can give your application a great boost. Make sure to include your work experience, community service, background history, special skills and extracurricular activities in your personal statement. While most people stick to strengths and weaknesses, try to include personal information about yourself. For example, why do you want to choose Miami Law or why do you want to study law?

For an LLM degree, your choice of undergraduate courses and scores can also affect your selection process.

University of Miami Law School Employment Rate

Miami Law School boasts of a great employment rate. The University of Miami class of 2018 had an employment rate of 90% while 2% pursued an additional degree.

In 2017, the employment rate of Miami Law School was 91.5%.

University of Miami Law School’s Bar Pass Rate

The bar pass rate for Miami Law, as recorded in 2018, was 83.5% out of which 393 students appeared for the bar exam for the first time.

Final Words

University of Miami Law School is a good school for law. It is always a good idea to study a school’s employment rate and bar pass rate before your choice to study there. These statistics for Miami Law School seem good. Make sure to highlight your personal skills well in your personal statement and include information that gives you an edge above the others. A combination of a median LSAT of 158, GPA of 3.43 and a good personal statement can get you into the University of Miami Law School without any hassles!

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