Under What Circumstances You Are Not Eligible To Give LSAT Exam?

Every year millions of students appear for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and there are only a few hundred get selected to study at the premium Law Schools of the country. However, there are also fee peoples who cannot appear for the LSAT exam. Here we have discussed those circumstances where people cannot appear for LSAT exams.

Criteria 1: LSAT Test Center Staff

If you worked as a test center staff member for the LSAT exam in the past or still you are working for LSAT, then you are not eligible to appear for the LSAT exam. Moreover, subsequently, for two years, you are barred from giving LSAT exam as per rules. After two years you can give the exam. But, if you want to appear for LSAT within 24- months then you must inform the LSAC in advance before you register yourself for the test.

Moreover, if you have also served as a supervisor in an LSAT exam or worked as one of the teams of the testing staff at an LSAT organization in the last 24 months, then you must achieve approval from the LSAC. The LSAC will only give you the nod only after reviewing your request. They might also take your request and approve your LSAT exam registration. LSAC may also offer you a new test center and a fresh date to give your LSAT exam. Moreover, you must gain approval before the last day for registration. If you fail to register yourself on time after getting approval, then this might be taken as an act of misconduct and carelessness.

Criteria 2: Absence of high diploma or degree

Appearing for LSAT exam requires some basic educational qualifications. If you are not a graduate at undergraduate levels then you are not considered as an aspiring candidate for LSAT exam.

Criteria 3: Bad performance at College

Maximum Law schools judge a candidate’s academic performance at college while considering his/her applications. If he/ she is a poor student and does not score well in their studies, then they cannot appear for LSAT exam.

Criteria 4: Criminal Record

A candidate’s application to appear for the LSAT exam can be rejected if he is involved in any criminal activities, or has part criminal records. The administration will never allow any unruly criminal to appear for this prestigious Law exam.

So, here few circumstances where a candidate is debarred from giving them the exam. Moreover, it is advised for the students that they must be aware of rules and regulations before they register for LSAT exam.

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