Rutgers Law School LSAT Score

Rutgers Law School has the largest enrollment rate in the United States of America. The Rutgers Law School of Rutgers University is located in New Jersey. The school was founded in 1908 and their J.D. program accepts approximately 300 students each year.

There are currently 20,000 alumni members of the Rutgers Law School who are practicing in all 50 states of America.

Rutgers Law School LSAT Score
Rutgers Law School LSAT Score

Rutgers Law School has two campuses, one in Camden and the other in Newark. Rutgers Law School is also approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). It was ranked 62nd among 197 law schools by the U.S news. The school received more than 2500 applications in the last year. Applicants from over 23 states and 27 foreign countries applied to the Rutgers Law School in 2018.

Class Profile from the year 2018

Total Number of Applicants2713
 FemaleMaleStudents of Color
Class Composition49%51%35%
25% Percentile3.08153
75% Percentile3.60158

Ideal LSAT score for Rutgers Law School 

The median LSAT score for Rutgers Law School is 155. If we look at statistics from the last year, the average 75th percentile LSAT score in 2018 was 158 and the average 25th percentile LSAT score in 2018 was 153.

Broadly speaking, scoring more than 158 in your LSAT along with other factors, can increase your chances of getting into Rutgers.

Rutgers Law School is approved by the ABA, which implies that you can submit LSAT test scores that are up to five years old.

Ideal GPA score for Rutgers Law School

Just like the LSAT score, your GPA score is also as important. The median GPA for Rutgers Law School is 3.36. The average 25th percentile GPA is 3.08 and the average 75th percentile GPA is 3.06. It can be difficult to get in the school with a GPA below 3.06.

Other Important Factors

Keeping your LSAT and GPA scores aside, there are several other components in your application that play an important role in your admission to Rutgers. You must submit all your undergraduate transcripts, a resume and a personal essay along with your application.

Keep in mind that the essay should include your work experience, background history, extracurricular activities, career goals and the reason for your motivation to join Rutgers. You also need at least two letters of recommendation along with your application.

All these components play a vital role in your selection. Make sure that you spend ample time on them.

Rutgers Law School’s Bar Pass Rate

Rutgers has a great bar pass rate. Students who graduated in 2017 and appeared for the bar exam for the first time in the state of New Jersey, had a pass rate of 76.4%. Whereas the bar pass rate of all other law schools approved by the American Bar Association in the state of New Jersey stood at 69.9%.

Rutgers Law School Employment Rate

The employment rate of a law school is a major factor while deciding your choice of school. The employment rate for the class of 2018 was 93.9%. This rate was calculated ten months after their graduation.

Final Words

Rutgers Law School is a good choice for law students. It may be ranked 62nd by the U.S news, but the school’s employment rate and bar pass rate are great indicators of the quality of education they provide. As compared to other Ivy League schools, their LSAT score cutoffs are also not very high. Keep in mind to work as hard on your personal statement as you do on your LSAT and GPA score and you should make for a good candidate for the school!

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