Registration for the LSAT : How Can I Register For The Test?

The students trying to pursue the law courses in USA, Canada, and other foreign location need to take the LSAT examination that is conducted by the LSAC (Law School Admission Council) four times a year. So, students can opt for the examination in February, June, October or December. While deciding on the examination, it is important to note the application windows of the law school a student wishes to apply. The period between the start of the acceptance of the application by the law schools and the last date till it accepts the application is known as the application window.

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how to register for lsat test
how to register for LSAT test

The applicants who get their application on the first day of application window have more chances of getting accepted. Most students take the June slot as it gives them time to prepare and if they perform poorly in it, then they can again take the test in October. It will give the aspirants time to complete the application and submit it to their preferred law schools at the start of the application window. Once a date is decided, the students can decide on the location. The steps for registering for the LSAT examination are;

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How to Register for LSAT Test

there are 2 ways to register for the test.

Online Registration

The online registration is the simplest and easiest method for the students to register for the examination. Students who wish to register online for the examination need to visit the and complete the steps.

Step 1: The first step is to create an account on the LSAC. The students must provide their first name, last name, date of birth, permanent address, citizenship, ethnicity, etc. They must also offer their contact information like email id, phone number, and fax number on the page. The students must also enter their graduation degree, institution, and year of passing. On the same page, the candidates need to set their user id for the LSAC account, password, security question, and the date of LSAT registration.

Step 2: Once the account registration is complete, the students need to select the exact test date and their desired location. A second choice is also available for students if they do not find their desired date and location. The aspirants taking the examination need to register at least six weeks in advance to get the desired test date and location.

Step 3: The next step is to pay for the examination using a major credit card accepted by the online platform. The students need to pay the registration fees $190 after selecting the date and time.  The registration deadline is four weeks prior to the test date of the LSAT examination, which is followed by a ten da late registration window.

Phone Registration

Students who wish to register via phone need to dial the number (215)-968-1001 on weekdays between 8:30 A.M and 6:00 P.M (ET) if they are applying between September and February. If candidates wish to register between March and August, then they need to call the number between 8:30 A.M and 4:45 P.M. The LSAT is very busy on Monday, so students can avoid the delay by opting to call on other days. After calling the number, students just need to follow the prompts to register.

How to Get Admission/Hall Ticket for the test

Once you register for the exam and pay the fee you will receive a hall ticket. This admission ticket is the entry pass for the sitting in the test.

How Many Times you can Register for the test

As you know test happens 4 times in a year but you can’t just register for every schedule. there is a limit of 3 test per 2 years of time period.


To get good scores, the candidates need to start preparing immediately after registering for the examination to get into the institutions they desire and find the best LSAT Books to read.

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