NYU Law School LSAT Score

NYU Law, or New York University Law School, is a law school of the New York University. New York University is of the best and most preferred universities of the United States of America. NYU Law was founded in 1835 and is the oldest law school in the New York City.

NYU was ranked as the 4th best law school in the world by Academic Ranking of World Universities in Shanghai. It was also ranked 6th in the list of top law schools in the United States of America by the U.S news. NYU Law is ranked as the best national school for International Law and Tax law.

NYU Law School is also approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). The school receives over 7,000 applications every year.

NYU Law Class Profile 

Total Number of ApplicantsMore than 7,000 (approximately)
 FemaleMaleStudents of Color
Class Composition52%48%38%
25th  Percentile3.6167
50th Percentile3.8170
75th Percentile3.9172

Ideal LSAT score for NYU Law School 

NYU Law School is a premier law institution. The LSAT score required to get into the school are indicative of their stature and reputation. Last year, the average 75th percentile LSAT score was 172 and the average 25th percentile LSAT score was 167. The average median stood at 170.

Like all ABA approved schools, NYU Law School takes into consideration all your LSAT scores. If you feel that any score should not be considered in your selection process then you must highlight this reason to the admission committee clearly. Scores from the last five years are valid and accepted by the school.

Ideal GPA score for NYU Law School 

The GPA score for the 25th percentile last year was 3.6 and the GPA score in the 75th percentile was 3.9. The median GPA was recorded at 3.8. Your GPA score is vital in the screening process at NYU Law.

GRE and NYU Law School  

NYU Law also accepts GRE scores if you have not appeared for LSAT. You can submit either of the two scores with your application. If you have taken the exam multiple times then you must indicate all the scores. Just like the LSAT score, the GRE too is valid for the last five years.

Other Important Factors

The NYU Law School considers various others components apart from these basic scores. You are required to submit at least two letters of recommendation, along with your personal statement.

The admission committee may evaluate your fail transcripts and the reasons for it.  NYU also considers applications from candidates with previous criminal records to their name. The school does not differentiate and encourages education to people from diverse backgrounds and walks of life.

NYU Law School Employment Rate

The employment rate for the class of 2018 was 99% while 1% pursued an additional degree. Your chances of getting a job after graduating from NYU are almost absolutely certain!

NYU Bar Pass Rate

As per the recent data released by the U.S news in 2019, the bar pass rate of the NYU Law School was 97.5% for first time takers.

Final Words

NYU Law School is a dream college for any law aspirant. The school’s employment rate is impeccable and so is its acceptance of students from diverse backgrounds. The school gives high importance to education and keeps it as their sole value while accepting candidates. Make sure to submit good letters of recommendation and maintain good scores and you should be good to go!

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