Manhattan LSAT Prep Books Review 2019

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LSAT preparation is more of like a stress for many of the students and getting a high score is a dream. It requires a lot of dedication, hard work, and consistency along with good guidance and books to refer to. A good book is half of the battle solved. It will not only help you in understanding the basics but also test your skills at the same time. If you are looking for one such good book then Manhattan is the one for you. It is a name you can definitely trust.

Manhattan LSAT Prep Books Review 2019

LSAT preparation is difficult but it is not something which cannot be cracked. You can score good enough even on your own with the help of books. Most of the times people cannot afford joining an institute and they give up on their dreams while there are others who work hard on their own and prove it to the world. With an institute or without, there is surely no substitute for a preparation guide. Manhattan is one such preparation guide which helps you in step-by-step learning as well as checking your testing ability.

Manhattan LSAT Strategy Guides Review

Over the years Manhattan has been a brand name in the preparation of competitive exams. Whether it is GRE, GMAT, LSAT, SAT or TOEFL, Manhattan is the one name you can definitely trust. The books are designed by the best instructors and so serve you with the best. The questionnaire comes with variety of questions for you to prepare and test your skills. Manhattan makes sure that you put only your best on the exam.

There are three strategy guides provided by Manhattan:

  1. Manhattan Prep LSAT Logical Reasoning Strategy Guide.
  2. Manhattan Prep LSAT Reading Comprehension Strategy Guide.
  3. Manhattan Prep LSAT Logic Games Strategy Guide.

All of the three books are dedicated to each sub section of the LSAT and help you in making yourself better.

Manhattan Prep LSAT Logical Reasoning Strategy Guide Review

Most of the students shy away from the logical reasoning part. It is complex and questions are never asked straight. One cannot guess the type of question that can be asked in the exam no matter how much you prepare. The only way to crack logical reasoning is to build a command over the conceptual skills. It asks for patience. You will need to hone the art of logical reasoning while preparing for your exam and practice. Of course, a lot of practice!

Manhattan LSAT Logical Reasoning Strategy Guide helps you in building up your conceptual command and eventually performing better in the actual test. The book helps you in determining the variety of questions asked in the exam and recognizing them. Logical Reasoning is not a big deal once you have developed proper analysis. The questions are more or less same yet put in a different way. The best way to crack a logical reasoning question is to identify wrong answer first. Mostly, students look at the answer section and confuse themselves in finding the right one. You have to let go of the clutter in your head and focus on the question properly. Manhattan prepares you in exactly the same way. It checks your critical thinking skills. It helps you in recognizing the question and its argument.

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The guide covers every logical reasoning concept required for performing well in the exam. The book includes:

  1. Logical reasoning overview.
  2. Argument core.
  3. Classic flaws.
  4. Assumption questions.
  5. Identify the flaw questions.
  6. The problem solving process for assumption solving family questions.
  7. Strengthen and weaken questions.
  8. Principle support and principle example questions.
  9. Conceptual logic.
  10. Analyze argument structure questions and explain a result question.
  11. Inference questions and matching questions.
Manhattan LSAT Logical Reasoning Pros
  1. In depth explanation.
  2. Practice questions with actual LSAT questions.
  3. Focus on problem solving.
  4. Simpler language as compared to other books.
Manhattan LSAT Logical Reasoning Cons
  1. Practice questions are not good enough.
  2. Theory is not sufficient for beginners.
  3. Typing errors.

Manhattan Prep LSAT Reading Comprehension Strategy Guide Review

Reading Comprehension comprises of two sets in the LSAT. Candidates with good reading skills find it somewhat easy than the others. It requires not just reading but good observing skills. The passages are needed to be read thoroughly to answer the question correctly.

Manhattan Reading Comprehension Strategy Guides provides you with such passages to help you through. It focuses on developing analyzing skills of the candidate. Speed and accuracy are another parameter which is to be practiced by the aspirant. Manhattan helps you in faster analysis of the passage. It helps you in building up the frame of the passage and answer correctly.

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It covers all the concepts of reading comprehension skills required for a high score. The book contains:

  1. Reading for the scale.
  2. PEAR
  3. Annotation and passage morphing.
  4. Questions
  5. Working wrong to right.
  6. 6 ¾ quarter check.
  7. Timing
  8. Comparative passages.
  9. Extreme passages.
  10. Unusual passages.
Manhattan LSAT Reading Comprehension Pros
  1. Helps in outlining reading comprehension questions.
  2. Contains actual passages from the LSAT.
  3. Great self study tool for beginners.
  4. Helps in building up arguments.
Manhattan LSAT Reading Comprehension Cons
  1. The concepts explained are somewhat brief.
  2. The entire book is concise.
  3. Practice questions are not enough.

Manhattan Prep LSAT Logic Games Strategy Guide Review

Logic games in the LSAT are again a tricky part along with the logical reasoning section. The speed, accuracy and efficiency are key factors to combat a logic game. It somewhat works on the instincts of the person. This is one of the hardest parts to cover.

Manhattan LSAT Logic Games Strategy Guide helps you in time management and accuracy of the logic games. The logic games in LSAT are of various types. This strategy guide helps you in analyzing the type of game asked to answer correctly. Short tips and tricks are also included in the book to maintain the pace in entrance.

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The book contains:

  1. Basic ordering.
  2. Relative ordering.
  3. 3D ordering.
  4. Mismatch ordering.
  5. Conditional logic 101.
  6. Basic grouping.
  7. Open grouping.
  8. In/Out grouping.
  9. Grouping with twists.
  10. Hybrid games.
Manhattan LSAT Logic Games Strategy Pros
  1. In depth explanation is provided.
  2. Strategies and tools to infer the games are provided.
  3. Helps you in building time management.
  4. Real LSAT questions.
  5. Hand drawn diagrams from LSAT instructors.
Manhattan LSAT Logic Games Strategy Cons
  1. The content is not up to the mark.
  2. Suitable only for beginners.
  3. Strategies are not good enough.

Manhattan Prep LSAT Strategy Guide Set Review

The Strategy Guide from Manhattan also comes in a 3 book set for you to skill in all of the three crucial sections of LSAT. The three books together help you in better understanding of the concepts and small details. The high score cannot be avoided by preparation with these books.

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