Best LSAT Prep Books For 2019

Aspiring to score high on your upcoming LSAT Examination? If yes, then you must consider studying some of the best LSAT prep books along with your hard work and commitment towards achieving your goal. If you score well in LSAT, then it is guaranteed that you will gain admission at the best Law School in the country. If you score above 175, then you are sure to get admission at the top 5 Law School of the country.

What is LSAT?

LSAT is the common name for the Law School Admission Test. It is the required criteria to gain admission to all American Bar Association (ABA)-approved law schools. It is the main factor to get admission at the prestigious Law School. The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is the standard test conducted every year throughout the world at selected examination centers. It is conducted four times each year by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). An aspired Law student is expected to attempt tests of reading comprehension, logical, and verbal reasoning proficiency. This is the main area where a suitable law school aspirant is expected to attempt at LSAT. Each section of the test is to be completed within 35 minutes duration.  The copies of your writing samples are sent to all the Law schools for which you have applied for.  LSAT is the ultimate admission process to the Law schools of the United States of America, Canada, and Australia.

LSAT exam module consists of multiple-choice questions divided into sections, an unscored experimental section, and unscored writing section. An aspiring law student can score maximum score as high as 180, a moderate score of 150, and a low score of 120. When a candidate applies to a Law school then he/she have to show their LSAT score report from the past five years. Students are also required to pay an average fee to write LSAT. The recent LSAT fees were the US $180 for the year 2016- 2017.

LSAT is conducted four times per year in the month of June, September/October, December, and February. Moreover, LSAT is also conducted in India by the Pearson VUE. The test held in India is designed by the USA based Law School Admission Council (LSAC). In India, the LSAT score will help the students greatly so that they can secure admission in law programmers offered in more than 70 colleges in India.

Best LSAT Preparation Books

As you know that a question paper of LSAT examination consists of questions from the areas of the following areas:

  • Logical reasoning
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Critical Reading
  • AWA Writing

Accomplishing high scores on the LSAT is very essential for your law school future and career. High scores can guarantee your admission at the prestigious Law schools of the country. So, to efficiently crack LSAT exam with the flying colors, you need to select the best LSAT preparation books and guides. It is quite hard to find the best LSAT prep book, but not very hard if you take help from this article. A perfectly high LSAT score will boost up your law career. You will not only gain admission at the best Law schools but if you’re lucky enough then scholarships may also come your way. Your achievement of high LSAT score will be fulfilled by choosing the right LSAT guide.

This article will show you the way to your quest for getting the best LSAT books and guide. Hence, we have selected to provide you the best 5 study guide for your LSAT exam. So, if you want to score well in all these areas then it is important to choose the right book to study.

Read on to see which study guide will help you out.

The Power score LSAT bible trilogy 2018 Review

If you consider some of the best LSAT Preparation books, then the best one for you will bet the Power score LSAT bible trilogy 2018 edition. It consists of a good description of courses like the logic games, logical reasoning, and reading comprehension. The author of this book, Mr. David Killoron has over 20 years of experience in teaching and coaching of the LSAT examination. He is also the founder of the Power score series of books. Moreover, in his times he has scored 90 % percentile.

Things to see in Power score LSAT bible trilogy 2018

Each edition of Power score’s Bible series gives you the brief description of LSAT exam. Here you will be given tips on the probable questions you can expect in the exams. Moreover, this book will provide you a full description of all types of questions so that you can crack your LSAT exam. Apart, from some other LSAT preparation books, this one uses real LSAT question papers as sample test paper to be solved or as solved paper in the whole book.


The Power score LSAT bible trilogy 2018 provides you
  • Explanation of every topic in gravity.
  • This is the ultimate guide and medium to score high on the LSAT exam.
  • Easy to understand concept and study model in a very descriptive way and in gravity.
  • This book covers all the necessary topics beings asked in the exam.
  • All the topics are written and explained in easy language and it is very clear to understand.
  • A complete explanation of the topics in depth.
  • It is also available in form of paperback also.
  • Explaining setups, rule diagramming, and general strategies.
  • Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are present in the power score’s website.

The Manhattan prep LSAT strategy guide set review

The best things about the Manhattan prep LSAT strategy guide set which makes this book the best tool to crack LSAT exam is that it is the best book for self-study, logical reasoning and the best book to solve logical games strategy. Moreover, it is the best book for logical reading comprehension as well.

The Manhattan prep LSAT strategy guide is penned by Zeke Vanderhoek and his team at the organization of the Manhattan prep. This book is available in 3 sets.

Things to see in the Manhattan prep LSAT strategy guide set

These books comprise of the sample question paper for practice from the real LSAT tests. It helps you to increase your speed while taking the test during sample practice. Purchasing all the 3 sets of Manhattan prep LSAT strategy guide will offer you self-study syllabus, customized analysis tools and also a tracker to track your progress and also points your merits and demerits in a specific area or topic while preparing for the exam.


The Manhattan prep LSAT strategy guide set provides you
  • A full explanation of logic games and reasoning with reading comprehension.
  • The navigator Manhattan prep tool will track your progress and helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • There is the inclusion of 3 study guides which can be purchased together or separately.
  • The study books are written and explained in a well-organized structure and language.
  • The book is well – organized and the concept is explained in great depth.
  • This book helps you to progress in facing all types of questions- hard or easy.
  • In case of logic games, there is hardly any topic covering most of it. You need to purchase separate preparation guide to help you with the logic games in depth.

The LSAT Trainer 2017 Review

The LSAT Trainer of 2017 edition provides a great help to those students who were studying for their LSAT prep exam. The content of this book does not contain courses which are unnecessary for the LSAT examination, and this saves the valuable time of the candidates. This book is also great and quite useful for self-study. The LSAT Trainer also provides assistance in the trainer’s teachings, strategies, drills, and solutions.

The LSAT Trainer 2017 has been authored by the noted pioneer of test preparation – Mike Kim.

Things to see in the LSAT Trainer 2017

LSAT Trainer 2017 provides you sample question papers and a variety of study materials. It also provides extra guidance to the students to take this test as simple as possible.


The LSAT Trainer 2017 provides you
  • Over 200 official LSAT questions and real-time solutions.
  • Test strategy and ways to attempt questions of logical reasoning, reading comprehension, and logic games.
  • 30 unique training programs to enhance LSAT-specific skills.
  • Access to free study materials, study schedules, and notebook organizers.
  • Concise and to the point study guide notes.
  • The topics are explained in such a way that students will find it very easy to study and also to take the test in a very simple way.
  • It covers on the important and relevant topics required in the LSAT exam.
  • Breaking apart Logical Reasoning arguments.
  • Recognizing reasoning structure
  • Identify and eliminate wrong answers.
  • Recognized structure of reading comprehension passages.
  • Visualizing Logic Games
  • Helps in handling all sorts of questions in less time.
  • Illustrations and pictures in the books are not explained.
  • Common grammatical and spelling errors.

McGraw-Hill Education Review

McGraw-Hill Education is the comprehensive LSAT guide to offer students with detailed study practices and plans. LSAT guidebooks from the McGraw- Hill Education is written by two famous authors- one is Russ Falconer, JD who hails from Dallas in the Texas region. And another one is Drew Johnson hails from Austin. Russ is an experienced LSAT instructor while Drew is the co-founder of Anaxos Inc which produces test materials of all standard exams.

Things to see in the McGraw- Hill Education

It provides the latest information on the LSAT exam format. This book provides you the basic information of each section you attempt to write in the exam. It also provides the nature of the questions asked, aware you about the usual tricks and traps laid by the examiner upon the students.  This book also gives you an understanding as to how to attempt questions for every exam.  It also highlights the important reasoning and analytical skills to score highly to pass the test.


McGraw Hill Education provides you
  • Detailed 5 full-length sample LSAT tests with right answers. You can also find them on the mobile app too.
  • An analysis to test the students of their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Casebook-style instruction.
  • A complete guide to cover the LSAT Logic Games. This is the toughest part of the LSAT exam.
  • A complete description of all types of questions in areas of Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension sections of the test.
  • A complete clarification of the latest LSAT formats.
  • It also includes a mobile app called – Premium Practice Test App. This incorporates the students to take full practice tests on their tablets and smartphones. This new edition also includes 20 instructional videos to solve key problems)
  • Detailed tips and tricks to answer all questions section wise.
  • Latest information on subjects covered for LSAT examinations.
  • A complete guide to score high on LSAT.
  • Excessive spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Logic game diagrams take a longer time to draw.
  • This McGraw Hill Education does not use real LSAT question papers as solved sample test papers.

Kaplan LSAT premier 2016-17 Review

Kaplan LSAT Premier 2016- 17 is produced by world’s oldest publishing house – Kaplan Publishing. It ranks among the top self-study guides across the world. The content of this book offers a better summary of the entire structure of LSAT exam. In addition to this, this study guide also points our common mistakes made by the candidates in their exam. This book also covers portions of Indian games, a complete explanation of illustrations, diagrams, and sketches. This also provides a better attitude towards each logic game question you attempt to solve.


The Kaplan LSAT Premier 2016-17 provides you
  • A basic explanation of analytical and logical reasoning sections along with reading and comprehensive sections.
  • It offers one full-length practice exam paper.
  • Helpful online resources.
  • CDs and DVDs containing virtual classroom and digital teaching.
  • Helps to improve on theories and strategies.
  • Helps the students to learn every topic in depth and also increases the candidate’s exam score.
  • This book and edition consists of an online instructor, Led workshops and tests analytics.
  • Kaplan has included exam channels for best teaching. It also includes many live and nightly online episodes.
  • Provides a better overview of every chapter.
  • The absence of practice questions and exams and also examples.
  • It is hard to hold everything from the book.
  • The organization of the book is not formal and it also makes you confused to understand a topic. This makes you again go through the repeated flipping of the pages again and again.

LSAT self-study Vs. LSAT Prep Courses

LSAT Courses Vs Self Study

Versatile students rather choose to study their own rather than joining some institutions who offer courses and coaching to crack LSAT exams. But, there is also some student who opts for LSAT prep courses.

Here are the few differences between the self-study and prep courses for LSAT exam. These are discussed below.

  1. Most of the student prefer to study the text materials in depth rather than listening to boring lectures. Reading the text materials over and over again can make the students gain depth to the topics instead of lectures in coaching classes.
  2. LSAT prep courses will not give you the liberty to choose a certain schedule for your LSAT study. You will have to follow the rules prescribed by your instructor. But, in case of self-study for your LSAT exam, you are flexible to study and make schedules.
  3. In some cases, it is better to learn from coaching classes and the LSAT prep courses. But it also difficult to maintain the self-discipline
  4. There are a lot of good LSAT PREP books available in the market and online which is great for self-study. This will save you from the huge coaching fees for your LSAT prep course. Moreover, it is better to buy the good books of LSAT prep and study them on your own rather than depending on the notes of the course instructors.

Tips for LSAT Exam Preparation

It is most important for an LSAT aspirant to score high on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) in order to get admission to the best law school. The LSAT exam is different than any other standard educational exam. The pattern of LSAT exam is designed to test your talent to score well in all sectors in the law school. Moreover, you need certain ability to understand the organization and nature of the questions asked to solve in the LSAT exam. As you know that, an LSAT exam consists of various sections of reasoning, game, reading comprehension, etc. So you need to devote a specified time in each section to complete your paper.

Here are certain tips to be followed for the preparation of the LSAT exam this year.

  • Every day practice a little bit of LSAT preparation by solving practice question papers. Do not try to engulf everything in one stroke during weekends and engage yourself hours preparing for the LSAT exam. It will be difficult to understand and will make you confuse and jam your mind. Go slow every day, and it is much better.
  • Group study in LSAT exam preparation is considered to be harmful by many test experts. Preparing for your LSAT can also make yourself discover about you. You will get to know your personal strengths and weak points. When you do group study with your pal then you just quiz on the text content. But if you do self-study, then you will be able to think analytically and use the logic in every question which is most required in the LSAT exam.
  • Analyze the practiced question. Practicing lots of question is not enough, you need to analyze the reason behind the questions. This is because since LSAT exam papers may not follow the question structure given in the practice test paper.
  • You need to sharpen your critical thinking in the LSAT preparation lesson. LSAT question paper is different than any other standard exam question paper. You need the right approach to tackle the questions in your LSAT exam. A lot of dense readings on the questions and test materials will in some coaching classes or self- study can prepare you for the test.
  • Play logic games as practice. Before the exam, you must practice the logic games since this is a very tricky question to be solved. There are about 4- 5 game question in each section. This requires a better understanding of complex hypothetical relationships between multiple parties or objects. The easiest way to solve these is to figure out the relationships that can be easily visualized and understood. This is better than reading the text and answering the questions.
  • Try to answer every question. LSAT is not like SAT where scores will deduct every time you answer wrong. You must first solve the easy questions first and then go for the rest of the questions in the leftover time.

So, here are the few tips discussed which will be helpful to prepare you for the upcoming LSAT exams. These tips are forwarded by the experts and they highly recommend. If you follow these valuable tips, then no one can stop yours from scoring well in the LSAT prep exam.

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