Law Schools That Accept Low LSAT Score

A good LSAT score is dream of every undergraduate student. It asks for dedication, hard work, persistence and patience. However, even after putting all of the efforts sometimes results are not in the favor. LSAT entrance is more of like a nightmare of many of the students. The stress is of two kinds. One is encountered during the preparation while the other one is after unfavorable results. A lot of students give up on their dream looking at the low grade. Most of them even give up in the former stages of preparation. The number of LSAT aspirants is increasing day by day. The last census revealed about 105883 students who appeared for LSAT while the passing score was very low. Right from choosing a good institute for preparation, studying, going through notes and books to scoring good and actually getting admission in one of the top law schools. It is all a mess. Students get tired of the process so much that the dream no longer inspires them.

Things become rough when a candidate goes through so much and still get a low score. Getting a low score is not the end of life. There are numerous of ways to get into a law school even without a good LSAT score. All you have to do is research well and provide some smart work. There are instances of an ample of students who couldn’t perform well in LSAT yet got into one of the top 25 law schools in the country. There are chances of you to get into one as well. However, again the process is not simple and you will have to keep patience. Here, is a list of top 20 law schools you should focus on applying to:

Law Schools That Accept Low LSAT Score

Law School LSAT HighLSAT Low
1.     Yale University176171
2.     Harvard University175170
3.     Stanford University173169
4.     Columbia University173168
5.     U. Of Chicago172166
6.     New York University171166
7.     Duke University170166
8.     U. Of Michigan Ann Arbor169164
9.     Cornell University168164
10.  U. Of Pennsylvania170163
11.  U. Of Virginia170163
12.  Northwestern University169163
13.  U. Of California Los Angeles169162
14.  U. Of Texas-Austin169162
15.  U. Of California-Berkeley168162
16.  Georgetown University168161
17.  Vanderbilt University168161
18.  Washington U. In St. Louis168161
19.  U. Of South California167161
20.  U. Of California-Irvine165161


Tips for getting Admission in Best Law Schools With Law LSAT Score

While doing such admission you should not let your spirits go too high because it is one of the rare occurrences. It is not impossible but the chances are still not sure. However, the admission is still possible. So, have patience and here are some tips to help you through:

Get to know the statistics

Go through the admission criteria of every law school you are considering especially the one mentioned in the above table. Chalk out key points like what does the school consider the most? Does it consider high LSAT score? Or does it require a high GPA? Your GPA plays a key role in such situations. Make sure that you maintain your GPA to get rid of end moment hassle. Usually, most of the schools ask for a high LSAT score but some of them can settle for less LSAT if you have a good GPA. They have criteria of either a high LSAT or high GPA. A good GPA can sail you through the admission process.

You do not need to worry anymore. Maintain your GPA and have a ground research of the law schools. Go through their websites, talk to former students, contact on their helpline number and get as much information as you can. Apply to schools that ask for a high GPA. Even if you have a low LSAT score you can get into a top law school. Apart from GPA your projects and work experience also matters a lot. Law school checks your proficiency through LSAT. Your work experience gives an idea of your proficiency to the school. Make sure that you create a sound experience and retrieve documents related to it.

The Application

Now, you went through the admission process and gave a thought to a college that suits you best. The next big thing which plays a key role is indeed your admission application. Your application should be such that it surpasses the low LSAT score. It should be impressive and authentic both at the same time. The key is to impress the college and make them believe that you deserve the school even with a low LSAT score. Here are few things you can do:

Construct a good personal statement

Talk well of yourself. What are your achievements? What are your strengths? What makes you different from others? Think about these points and create a well written personal statement. Make sure that you do not go too much high on yourself. The statement should be such that it conveys your message to the school in a subtle way.  Recount your work experiences in the statement and the challenges you faced. At the end, the school requires a student who will prove to be a good attorney in the future. Make sure that you create such image in front of them.

Explain your low LSAT score

Yes! You can definitely do this. The school will undeniably wonder about your low score despite of such achievements. Do not try to lie at any point or give reasons to them. Give such reasons which are worth buying for example a lack of good study material or guidance or not enough practice of questions. It is also called a LSAT addendum. Include it in your application, a copy of your low LSAT score and a high GPA score.

Explain your background

What you can do next is provide them with a background statement. Give them information about your circumstances and background that will help you in becoming a good attorney. It is formally called as a diversity statement. Law schools value students who are from different backgrounds and ethnic races. If you belong from a low income background then it can also be a huge help to your admission application. Any minority class, a disability or a culturally rich background is highly considered by a law school. Make sure to not lie at any point in the application. Your application should sound deserving and authentic to them. It should be decent and not overweening.

A low LSAT score does not end your career. It does act a huge obstacle and leave you crestfallen but with proper research and sound application you can get through the hurdle easily. Make sure to apply in ample of colleges. Do not wait for their reply but keep applying so that you can have a choice at the end. The most important thing next is patience. You will have to keep a lot of patience and wait. Do not lose hope because you can definitely get into a good college after all.


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