How Long are LSAT Scores Valid for?

When you aspire to take up the profession of a lawyer and a legal professional, then you must require the relevant qualification. You will get the law and legal education from the best Law schools of your country. But before you go for your legal studies, you must qualify for the admission test. So, LSAT is the Law School Admission Test which you need to qualify for before you go to the law education.

Getting your LSAT Scores

As per the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), the results of the test and your LSAT score is released after 3-4 weeks of giving the LSAT exam. If you have an account and a valid email address registered at the LSAC, then you will get your score within 3 weeks at your account and email address from the testing center. This also allows you to directly send your scores to the Law schools.

The validity of LSAT Score

Like most of the other standard entrance exams, the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) also has a certain valid term. An LSAT exam score has a validation for 5 years. This will keep your score on the records for 5 years. On the basis of your last received LSAT score, you can try taking admission at any Law school for only 5 year duration. Moreover, if you take several LSAT exams, then LSAC will keep records of all your LSAT scores and will provide you an average and score along with the list of each score you have received.

An LSAT has an expiry date of 5 years, within 5 years you are required to get in the desired Law school. After the completion of this 5 year time period, then there is no option left but you will have to appear for another LSAT exam and get a fresh score this time to get an admission at the best Law school.

LSAT Scores & Averages

An LSAT score is based upon the scale of 120-180. However, the average score is 150. If you want to get admission at the top Law Schools then your LSAT score must be over 160. So, to increase your LSAT score, you must try to attempt all the 101 questions correctly. Start reading best LSAT Books from today.

So, a good LSAT score can overshadow any problems or issues on your admission request, including a bad reference or a considerably lesser GPA.

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