Georgetown Law School LSAT Score – How Much Score you need to Study in GULC

Georgetown Law School has been ranked the fourteenth best law school in the United States of America by the U.S News. It is located in Washington D.C., and is undoubtedly one of the best and most sort after law schools in the country. Georgetown Law School was established in 1870 and the school has more than 1,700 students as part of their student body currently.

Georgetown Law School is also approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). Georgetown Law School has a record of receiving the most number of JD applications out of all other law schools. For the 2018 fall session admission, Georgetown received close to 10,000 applications.

Class Profile for 2018

Total number of Applicants9257
Offers2270 i.e. 24.52%
Matriculated576 i.e. 6.2 %
25% Percentile3.47161
75% Percentile3.85168

What is the LSAT score required to get into Georgetown Law School?

The median LSAT score for Georgetown Law is a 167. The highest LSAT score last year was 168. So if you manage to score 168 or more, then your chances of getting into Georgetown Law School are pretty great.

Even with an LSAT score of 167, your application will be among the top aspirants for the school. An LSAT score of 161-167 may get you in, if the other components of your application truly stand out and are impeccable. However, anything lower than 161, will make your dream of getting into Georgetown a bit difficult. This is when you should look at other law schools.

What are the other factors that are considered apart from having a good LSAT score to get into Georgetown Law School?

Like most law schools, having a good LSAT score is not the only factor considered to get into Georgetown Law School. Having a good GPA is equally important. The median GPA for Georgetown Law School is 3.76. The average 25th percentile GPA is 3.47 and the average 75th percentile GPA is 3.85. Apart from this, the admission committee also evaluates each student’s application to gauge whether they will be able to contribute to the Georgetown community and be able to benefit from their program. In addition to your LSAT score, the committee will also evaluate your letter of recommendation, your personal statement, your choice of major, your extracurricular activities, and contributions to the community along with relevant work experience.

Does Georgetown Law School accept GRE?

Since last year, Georgetown Law School has also started accepting the GRE along with the LSAT score. But a CAS report is required from all applicants, even if you do not take the GRE.

Georgetown Law School has no particular preference and accepts both LSAT and GRE scores. In fact, as part of the American Bar Association, the admissions committee at Georgetown Law School will consider your highest score and may take an average of all your scores if you have taken the GMAT, GRE, or LSAT multiple times. You can submit test scores that are up to five years old.

Georgetown Law School Student Body

Georgetown Law School Employment 

As a law school aspirant, you must be thinking about the employment rate of Georgetown’s students. Last year, the students who passed out of Georgetown, had an employment rate of 94% while 1% pursued an additional degree.

Georgetown Law School Contact Information

Admission Link –
Admissions Dean Email –
Address – Washington, DC

Takeaway/ Final Words

Georgetown Law School is definitely a very competitive choice of school for all law aspirants out there. Being the fourteenth top-ranked law institution in the country, you will definitely need a good LSAT score to make your application stand out from the rest. Getting a good LSAT score is imperative but so is meeting all other requirements like a good college essay, high GPA, work experience, and community service. If you feel that your application falls short of these components, then you should consider sitting for the GRE and bagging a good score there!

It is also a good idea to turn in your application as early as possible.

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