Do’s and Don’ts of the LSAT Examination Day

When you used to take your school and college examinations, exams have always given you stress and worry. It is same in case of the LSAT examination also. When you are preparing for your LSAT, you might have experienced acute nervousness and worry. Preparing for an LSAT examination is quite stressful and requires a lot of hard work. But now, when the LSAT test is knocking at your door and is around the corner, then you must consider some of the steps to be followed at your LSAT examination. This will help you better, and moreover, you can surely count on your study preparation.


Consider following the certain do’s and don’ts which will help you to write the exam stress-free. These are:

Do’s and Don’ts of the LSAT Test Day

  • Have Good Sleep

The day you’re writing your exam, then you must have a good sleep two days before the exam. A good sleep will not make your tired and drowsy during the exam, and will also lessen your stress to keep a cool mind.

  • Eat Healthy

You must eat healthy breakfast at your home before you go at the exam venue. Skipping breakfast is not advisable since it will worry your stomach and increase your anxiety. You can take some eatables at the testing center, but don’t bring any oily snacks or caffeine related drinks. This will make you tired and lethargic during the course of the exam.

  • Reach on time

Do plan to arrive at the testing center on time, say 45 minutes before the examination. Moreover, you should not arrive too early and wait for hours since waiting will make you feel tired.

  • Bring important items

Do bring the appropriate tools and other important things needed during the exam. It could be your hall ticket, documents, writing tools, and calculator. You must never forget getting these things at your testing center.

  • Never hurry

At the testing room, you must never sign up before the other candidates. Moreover, if you sign first and complete your paper fast, still you’re not allowed to leave the testing center unless the other candidates finish their paper. You must only leave if the other candidates have completed at least first 3 sections of the test paper. In the meantime, you relax outside at the restrooms and try to calm yourself.


The Do’s and Don’ts on LSAT Test Day
The Do’s and Don’ts on LSAT Test Day

So, take a deep breath and attempt your LSAT with a calm mind. Follow the above steps and pass with great LSAT scores.

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