Brooklyn Law School LSAT Score

Brooklyn Law School was established in 1901 by William Payson and Norman Haffey. The law
school is in the New York City and is situated in Downtown Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Law School has been ranked at no. 71 in the list of Best Law Schools and No. 11 in the
list of best Part-time Law schools by U.S news.

The school started with only 18 students and now receives over 3,000 applicants each year. Last
year, the students represented 30 states of permanent residence and 7 foreign countries of
residence. Here are some more statistics from the year 2018:

Brooklyn Law School Class Profile

Total Number of Applicants3,642
 FemaleMaleStudents of ColorAge Group
Class Composition59%41%28%20 to 42 years
 GPA2-Year   3-Year   4-Year
25% Percentile3.
75% Percentile3.583.593.573.65
 LSAT2-Year   3-Year   4-Year
25% Percentile155154155154
75% Percentile159159159160

Ideal LSAT score for Brooklyn Law School 

The LSAT score required to get into Brooklyn Law School was calculated at a median of 157 last year. The LSAT scores for each year are different as explained in the table above. But the average 75th percentile LSAT score in 2018 was 159, with the highest at 160 for 4th year. The average 25th percentile LSAT score in 2018 was 155.

Ideal GPA score for Brooklyn Law School 

The average GPA score for the 25th percentile was 3.20 for all the years, while the average GPA score for the 75th percentile was 3.58. The average median GPA score for the school was recorded at 3.39. The highest GPA score was recorded at 3.65 for the 4th year. GPA scores are fundamental in your selection process.

GRE Score

Brooklyn Law School accepts both LSAT and GRE scores. All applicants must take either of the two. The school does not have a preference between LSAT and GRE. If you have taken LSAT, your score is directly sent to the school via the LSAC website. While the GRE score can be submitted through ETS. However, if you have taken both the tests, then you must submit your LSAT scores along with your GRE scores.

Ideally, if you are not happy with your LSAT scores, you may submit your GRE score for the Admissions Committee to review them. However, if you are relying on your LSAT score alone, then you needn’t submit your GRE score.

Like all other ABA approved schools, Brooklyn Law School also accepts LSAT and GRE scores taken within the last 5 years from the day of submission of the application.

Other Important Factors

Apart from your LSAT, GRE and GPA score, all applicants are also required to submit a CAS report. The CAS report is a crucial part of your application and should be submitted with no exceptions.

You also need to submit at least two letters of recommendation from your previous faculty or employers. The school prefers faculty letters of recommendation. However, if you have been out of school for a while, you can get a letter of recommendation from an employer. You can also submit more letters if they add value to your application and offer something new to the admissions committee.

In addition to this, you must submit a personal statement on your strengths and why you would like to be a part of Brooklyn Law School. You can also add other aspects of your personality that you think can make you a good fit for the school.

Brooklyn Law School Employment Rate

The class of 2018 of the Brooklyn Law School had an employment rate of 89% while 1% of the students pursued an additional degree.

Brooklyn Law School’s Bar Pass Rate

The bar pass rate of Brooklyn Law School for first-time test takers for the year 2018 was 72.3%. 

Final Words 

Brooklyn Law School is a good school and is located in one of the best cities in the world. With a choice between GRE and LSAT scores, the school is a great place to apply to, and is comparatively easy for applicants to get through. The bar pass rate and the employment rate are also satisfactory! Overall, BLS is a good choice for any law aspirant!

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