Blueprint LSAT Review 2019

LSAT or Law Entrance Test is a multiple choice, paper and pencil test required by most of the law schools for admission process. A law school application generally require five types of documents i.e.,

  1. Undergraduate degree from respective college or university.
  2. GPA
  3. LSAT score.
  4. Letters of recommendation.
  5. Personal statement.

Along with a good GPA, the LSAT score is also given equal weight in the selection process. A low LSAT score may beget hurdles on your way to the law school. With proper guidance, preparation and study one can easily crack the entrance with fairly good score. This is exactly where a proper institute comes into play. A good institute can provide you with experienced professors, dedicated courses, reading materials, study help as well as motivation to crack the entrance. Blueprint LSAT preparation is the best you can get among myriad of available options. Most of the institutes do provide study help but lack in engaging the students throughout the process. They lack in keeping them motivated. However, the courses at Blueprint are designed in such a way so as to keep the students involved. Motivation is provided throughout the journey for them to not lose hope. What else can you ask for?

Blueprint LSAT: An Overview

RATING: ★★★★★

 Blueprint provides both online and classroom courses for efficient LSAT preparation. Both of these programmes are offered with live video sessions, online lesson videos and adaptive learning app. In today’s scenario where people are techno driven the use of a dedicated application for LSAT solves most of the problems. One can be acquainted with the programme 24*7 without any hassle. A scoreboard is produced in the app so as to check the preparation level of students as well as maintain competition. As most of times a lot of doubts come up with uninterrupted learning which are to be cleared immediately. For this, Blueprint provides a study buddy. This study assistant is especially available via email for clearing doubts of students on the go. The institute makes sure that an instructor is available for the students in case of any doubt.

The traditional form of learning becomes quite monotonous for the students to grasp and learn. Hence, Blueprint offers fun and interactive learning sessions. The sessions are included with memory tools for remembering minute details, logic games dedicated to logical reasoning, animated lessons for faster learning of complicated topics and lessons with humorous explanations. The course itself is one of a kind and designed so as to achieve a sure shot score in LSAT.

The LSAT entrance includes sub-sections:

  1. Logical reasoning or Arguments.
  2. Analytical reasoning or logic games.
  3. Reading comprehension.
  4. An unscored writing sample or Essay.

The syllabus is thus too wide to cover via traditional form of learning and so Blueprint has segmented their study material into specific sections. Each section covers optimum syllabus of the course which is easy for students to grasp. A test is taken at the end of every section to check their performance.

Blueprint LSAT Course Features

The course comes with following desirable features:

iOS Mobile App

It includes cutting edge resources, live videos, online lesson videos, interactive games, advanced analytics and photo scoring. The mobile app acts as an assistant in efficient studying.

Score Increase Guarantee

Blueprint offers such a learning experience that high score is guaranteed by the instructors. Money back scheme is offered to students. No other institute claims a high score with such a confidence.

98th Percentile Instructors

For students to score high the instructors are required to be diligent for the job. Here, at Blueprint the instructors possess 170+ LSAT score. The instructors are recruited after screening their teaching ability and personality. Blueprint makes sure that only best is offered to its students.

88 Online Hours

Blueprint founders Trent and Matt also take part in teaching their students through the most interactive way i.e. Blueprint: The Movie 2.0. This is by far the most innovative idea one can ever experience.

Study Material

Blueprint provides three textbooks and nineteen LSAT practice tests to hone the perfection of students. The study material includes every LSAT released question with proper explanation including six proctored tests and thirteen additional exams.

112 Instruction Hours

The LSAT instruction is supported by online resources supplemented to the students. This is the best one can get in LSAT preparation.

Brief Overview Of the Course

  • Video Lessons Curated by 99 Percentile Instructors
  • Three Textbooks
  • Nineteen LSAT Practice tests
  • More than 8000 Practice Questions
  • Proper Explanation to Practice Questions
  • iOS App/Online Resources
  • 88 hours of Video Learning.
  • Study buddy 24*7 Email Support
  • Memory Games
  • Logic Games
  • 10 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • High Score or Money Back Guarantee
  • High Score or Money Back Guarantee

Video Lessons

Blueprint believes in “ edu-tainment “. The video lessons taught by world’s best instructors are never monotonous but they are interactive and fun to learn. The concepts are summarized with the help of animations to give a kick to your memory. Various tips and tricks are provided to learn difficult terms.

There are 16 lesson videos, 3 review workshops and 3 advanced clinics. The video learning covers the pivotal concepts as well as homework to the students. The homework is designed to reinforce the skills of students. The review workshop is sort of like a mini test to check what you have learned over the course of time. The advanced clinic is for learning advanced techniques related to LSAT. The clinic covers each sub section in depth to the point where student reaches perfection.

The course is total of 88 hours. These 88 hours never get tedious due to the animations included in the videos. The animations are used to illustrate concepts in innovative ways. The interaction level is also kept high. Questions are solved with the instructors on the go. The video pauses automatically during a question so as to give you some time to think and solve. As LSAT is time bounded test hence time limitation is kept stringent. Timing exercises are provided to adapt students.

BluePrint Video Lessions

The high user interface makes it easy for the students to learn and grasp concepts. The video lessons are entirely streamed in HD under the name of Blueprint: The Movie 2.0 taught by the founder themselves.

LSAT Practice Tests

The LSAT practice tests are designed to review the course which you have learned. The practice tests are different from practice questions. It is more of like a pre test to check your learning skills. You can easily access the practice test afterwards as a question bank before writing the actual LSAT exam. The interface provided is again high end. A scoreboard is shown at the end of each test to check competition within students and as a motivation to improve them. The real battle is always with yourself and Blueprint makes sure that you conquer yourself and redefine your goals with each practice test session.

There are around 19 LSAT tests available with around more than 8000 questions for you to practice. The questions are updated with past year questions and few are designed by the instructors. An in depth explanation is provided for every wrong attempt. The tests are divided according to the sections of LSAT. There is nothing that can go wrong with Blueprint LSAT preparation.

BluePrint Practice Test


As mentioned earlier the dashboard and user experience at blueprint is high end. The interface is clean and user friendly. You don’t need to learn the interface. It is super easy to use. The menu bar is simple and you can easily navigate through the website. Over the time you will fully be acquainted with the dashboard and make the course your own. Hints are also provided as you tap on the cross off answers. You can also discuss answers with other users and see what they have answered to a specific question is forums. You can see the explanation and check yourself every time.

Your ultimate goal is to get into a good law school and LSAT preparation is crucial step to achieve the dream. Blueprint accompanies you on the journey and shows you the progress and how likely you are to be admitted into a good law school or the law school of your choice. All of your practice questions, doubts and learning are thoroughly quantified to give you the results. The results are to keep you motivated throughout the journey. The “ Law School Compass “ feature makes this possible. The Blueprint analytics analyzes your progress, strengths, weakness and gauge your chances to get into law school of your choice. This gives you an idea to pace up your preparation and work harder to achieve your dreams. You can even set a target LSAT score to get admission in law school of your choice and thus prepare your best.

The study buddy acts as your 24*7 doubt clearing assistant. You can ask any question at any time and get your concepts cleared. This is by far the best feature as doubts need to be cleared immediately. With Blueprint you will never come across any lacking experience. It offers its best to students.

BluePrint DashBoard
BluePrint DashBoard

Customer Support

As already mentioned, the study buddy stays with you 24*7 via email. You can submit your questions or doubts and the instructor will clear them up as early as possible. It is like a support help line for students. The instructors are asked to pass a rigorous teaching screening before being recruited. The 170+ LSAT score is prerequisite to be selected as an instructor. You need not to worry about the professionals at Blueprint. They are already master’s in their own field.

Most of the times the questions or doubts you ask are already fed into the system. So, when a obvious doubt is asked the email support system replies immediately with suitable explanation.

The iOS app acts like icing on the cake. It encompasses memory games for you to remember the concepts, logic games for the logic reasoning section and interactive games to learn the concepts well. The video lessons are also available on the app. You can stay in touch with the course and study material anywhere anytime.

Blueprint LSAT Course Cost And Access

The course access is provided as soon as you purchase Blueprint LSAT review. It is available at just $199 per month which I guess is far cheaper than other courses available.

An initial amount of extra $200 is asked to be paid one time for the textbooks and practice exams. So, the total fee becomes $399 in the first month. Later $199 fee is charged automatically from the next month to the completion of the course or until you cancel the subscription.

Blueprint also offers discounts and offers from time to time. So, go through the discounts before purchasing the course.

Online Courses

  • Video Lessions
  • 3 Text Books, 19 Practice test
  • iOS App
  • 24 Hour Email Support

Classroom Course

  • In-Class Instruction
  • 112 Hours of Instruction
  • Access to all Online Material
  • Available on Various Locations

Private Tutoring

  • One-on-One Interaction
  • Live Video tutoring
  • Minimum 2 hour Need to Book
  • Free Consulation

Pros Of Blueprint LSAT

The reasons to choose Blueprint LSAT is quite palpable. Here are some of the advantages to make your decision right:

  • User Friendly Online Interface
  • Availability of both online and classroom learning
  • Online Lesson Videos
  • Practice Tests and Exams
  • 24*7 Study Buddy Support
  • Interactive Learning
  • Dedicated app

Cons Of Blueprint LSAT

Perfection is only a facade and thus there are always two sides of the same coin. Here are some of the cons associated with Blueprint course:

  • 1. The course structure might be expensive for some students.
  • Application is only available on iOS.
  • The online lessons may seem hard for some students.
  • Classroom learning is available only at certain locations.
  • Less discounts and offers.

Blueprint LSAT Review: Conclusion

RATING: ★★★★★

Not everyone can sit at one place and study for long hours. It requires an out of the world motivation. Some students desire a rather interactive study for better learning. It is best for students who need a little extra push to study. The instructors have made it fun learning with games and animated lessons. You will never feel burdened or monotonous at any time of the learning session.

Students can choose from 112 hours of traditional class room learning or 88 hour online course. It is up to your feasibility. The class room learning is available in specified locations. As Blueprint believes in “edu-tainment” hence the entertainment value is maintained throughout the course. The Blueprint: The Movie 2.0 is value addition to “edu-tainment”. The movie does not feel like a lesson but a TV show. It is best for students who cannot handle traditional class room learning or are easily bored by long lectures.

The textbooks cover the conceptual details and you will have access to it as soon as you purchase.

The learning experience at Blueprint is certainly one of a kind and if you are thinking of joining LSAT preparation course then you should definitely give it a try.

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