Blueprint LSAT Prep Books Review 2019

LSAT preparation has always been a tough task for students looking for a future in law. Mugging up for the entrance, appearing for it, finding a good law school and taking an admission may seem easy but it takes a lot of time and efforts. LSAT is generally a paper and pencil test required for admission in a good law school. Generally, five documents are mandatory while taking an admission in a law school,

  1. Undergraduate degree.
  2. GPA
  3. LSAT Score.
  4. Letter of Recommendation.
  5. Personal statement.

So along with LSAT, you need to have a valid undergraduate degree from a reputed college or university and of course a good GPA. You can primarily focus on GPA on the undergraduate level and start preparing for LSAT by the end of the degree. A good LSAT score holds a weight in the selection process while a low LSAT score can beget a lot of hurdles in the admission. With proper study material, guidance and efforts one can easily crack the entrance with good results. Most of the people join some dedicated institutes for the preparation. These institutes provide course material and study materials for a sound preparation. Classroom and online courses are provided for continuous support to the students. However, not everyone can afford the fees asked by such institutes and choose to prepare on their own.

You can score fairly good by preparing on your own for the entrance. The most defining factor is the dedication. An institute helps in the building up the very dedication factor in the students as you are bound to sit in the classroom and listen to the lectures. However, so is not the case with studying on your own. The distractions are high and thus it takes a while to concentrate on the studies. Secondly, students are mostly bewildered in choosing the right books to study. Myriad options are available to choose from and one of the options is offered by Blueprint.

Blueprint LSAT Prep Books Review

Blueprint LSAT preparation is basically a classroom and online programme provided by the institute along with the study material. However, the study material can be purchased if someone is not keen on joining an institute. The LSAT entrance is sub-divided into sections, like:

  1. Logical Reasoning or Arguments.
  2. Analytical Reasoning or Logic Games.
  3. Reading Comprehension.
  4. An unscored writing sample or essay.

And so, the study material is specially designed by keeping the sub sections in mind. The material comprises of two volumes, viz

  1. The Blueprint LSAT Logic Games.
  2. The Blueprint LSAT Reading Comprehension. 

Blueprint LSAT Logic Games Review

Logical Reasoning or Logic Games are quite difficult to crack. Most of the students choose to shy away from this part as the questions are complex and the answers are never right. The pattern of questions is again changed every year and you cannot predict the type of question appearing in the exam. Rather than stressing over the part you can choose to hone your skills and build your command over the conceptual skills. Concepts can also save you from the misery and of course there is no substitute to practice. Logic Games basically check your speed, accuracy and efficiency. You have to think fast and accurate in order to combat the game. It works on how well your instincts react to the situation.

Blueprint LSAT Logic Games book help you in acing your accuracy, speed and concepts at the same time. The 600 pages of preparation come along with real LSAT questions for you to practice. Thorough explanations are provided by the end of each question for you to clear your doubts. The book also comes with a free Blueprint account which you can access and take a look at the video explanations. The diagrammatic representation is one of the best parts in the book. It prevents boredom and makes learning easier. The games are divided into two types, that is, “ordering” and “grouping” for you to focus one at a time. The easy to read examples and logical fashion of the book undoubtedly renders it the best in the LSAT prep market.

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  1. Easy language.
  2. Diagrammatic representation.
  3. Real LSAT questions with explanations.
  4. Access to video explanations.
  1. Formatting errors.
  2. Illustrations might be distracting for some.
  3. Unnecessary humor.

Blueprint LSAT Reading Comprehension Review

Reading comprehension consists of two sets in the entrance. Students with good reading skills find it the easy part in the exam while it becomes a nightmare for the ones who are not fond of reading. Reading comprehension not only requires reading but also observing the passages minutely. The little details in the passages are imperative in answering the question correctly. The only way is to read the passage thoroughly, think and answer properly.

Blueprint LSAT Reading Comprehension comprises of real LSAT questions. The passages help in building up your analyzing skills. The book helps to frame the question and look for answer in the passage accurately. The student will learn to dissect the passage based on structure and tackle questions efficiently. The 33 real passages asked in the LSAT are provided to understand the level of the entrance. Explanations are given by the end of each question to learn from the mistakes. Illustrations are again the best part of the book. It does not make the learning boring but exciting. The book is very well written and it will help you building a strategy which other books fail to provide. You can prepare easily upfront and score pretty good with the help of this book.

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  1. Real LSAT passages.
  2. Explanations by the end of each passage.
  3. Illustrations prevent the boredom.
  4. Adequate amount of practice questions.
  5. The writing style is easy and sassy.
  1. Too much of humour in the book make it annoying after some point.
  2. More passages could have been added.
  3. Illustrations can be distracting.

Overall, Blueprint LSAT preparation books are a good choice if you are thinking of self-study. The books will help you in honing your conceptual skills as well as practice.

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