American University Washington College of Law LSAT Score

The American University Washington College of Law commonly known as WCL is situated in Northwest Washington, DC. WCL is a private American law school that is certified by the American Bar Association.  Washington College of Law was the first law school that was founded by women. It was also the first law school to ever have a female dean and an all-female graduate class.

Currently, the school is ranked 77th in the list of Best Law Schools by U.S. News & World Report. The school received more than 4000 applicants last year that represented 37 states.

Last year the school also had 8 international students from Bolivia, China, South Korea, Colombia, New Zealand, and Egypt.

American University Washington College of Law Class Profile

 Full-time Part-time
Total Number of Applicants4056384
 FemaleMaleStudents of ColorAge Group
Class Composition58%42%34%24 to 29 years
 GPA FulltimeGPA Part-time
25% Percentile3.092.82
75% Percentile3.593.45
 LSAT  FulltimeLSAT Part-time
25% Percentile155157
75% Percentile160161

Ideal LSAT score for American University Washington College of Law 

In 2018, the median LSAT score for full-time law was recorded at 158. While the median LSAT score for part-time law was 159. The highest LSAT score was 160 for full-time law and 161 for part-time law, while the lowest LSAT was 155 for full-time law and 157 for part-time law. Your LSAT score must range between 155 and 159 to increase your chances of getting into WCL.

Ideal GPA score for American University Washington College of Law 

The median GPA for full-time law was 3.45 while the median GPA for part-time law was 3.17. The lowest GPA score was 3.09 for full-time law and 2.82 for part-time law and the highest was 3.45 and 3.17 respectively.

You can submit both undergraduate as well as graduate GPA scores. However, to create uniformity among all students, the school gives more importance to undergraduate GPA scores.

GRE Score

Washington College of Law accepts GRE scores submitted through ETS. GRE and LSAT scores are valid for five years just like any other ABA approved school. If you have taken both the tests, WCL is required to submit your highest LSAT score to the American Bar Association. Please note that it is not mandatory to submit your GRE scores if you have already taken an LSAT test. However, you may choose to do so if you wish.

Along with your LSAT, GRE and GPA scores, you must also submit your CAS Report with all your undergraduate transcripts.

Other Important Factors

Apart from your scores, you need to submit a personal statement, a resume, and at least one letter of recommendation.

The ideal personal statement is 2 or 3 pages long with a font size of at least 11, and double space in between words. Write about your strengths, weaknesses, personality and why you want to study law at the Washington Law School in your personal statement.

You need to submit at least one letter of recommendation and a maximum of two. An academic letter of recommendation is highly preferred. However, if you have been out of school for a while, you can also submit a personal or a professional letter of recommendation instead, with the focus being on your skills that would help you in studying law.

You must also include a resume of 1 or 2 pages. Your resume can contain your academic achievements, volunteer experience, professional experience, etc.

American University Washington College of Law Employment Rate

The class of 2018 at the American University had an employment rate of 81% while 3% of students pursued an additional degree.

American University Washington College of Law’s Bar Pass Rate

The average bar pass rate in 2018 for first time test takers of American University was 70.98%.

Final Words

American University Washington College of Law follows a wholesome approach while selecting students. With a combination of good recommendations, scores and CAS report, you can get into this school without any hassles. The school’s employment rate and bar pass rate are further indicators of the school’s merit. WCL is a good choice to study both, full-time and part-time law!

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